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Writing from Humanity's Future Outpost


I Write...

Non Fiction Books

My books on space science and technology are published by Springer Publishing. 


I work as a freelance writer and editor. I also write monthly articles for CapCom magazine and the Sherwood Observatory, UK.


My SF  stories are published here for you to read.

I also give talks...

Public and Private Schools

My talks and workshops engage students in STEM and critical thinking.  

Public Outreach Events

My public talks promote scientific reasoning and the importance of inquiring.


Guest panellist on the Space Oddities YouTube channel.


I studied applied science in biotechnology,  (final research project at the University of Nottingham, UK) and after working in the pharmaceutical industry, I decided to go on a quest to find other life aspirations. This has taken me to different continents, allowed me to work for numerous businesses such as and humanitarian organisations in Africa, to name just a few, and, most importantly, gave me the opportunity to work with many talented and interesting people.


I have now decided to share my passion for space science with the general public. In doing so, I write books for Springer International and get to spend months researching a chosen topic and interviewing leading scientists at space agencies and universities worldwide. If that wasn't great enough, I also give talks and workshops at schools and public outreach events.  

I am a contributing editor for the Sherwood Observatory and a recurrent panellist on the Space Oddities YouTube channel.  I also write as a freelancer for the space and life science industries with clients ranging from small businesses to world-class organizations.

I’ve called Brussels, Houston, and Hong Kong home, but have now planted my roots in the beautiful South West of England. 

Black Sky
Grungy Paper

Why Notes from  Callisto?

No, this is not the title of my next book; instead, it is a way for me to share my fascination for the Galilean moons, these giant satellites orbiting Jupiter, and in particular, Callisto. 


Sometimes referred to as the dead moon—or ugly duckling—for having one of the most cratered surfaces in our Solar System, Callisto remains one of the most intriguing candidates for potential human habitation beyond Earth. In terms of moons, Callisto is colossal, ranking as the third largest known moon in our Solar System—nearly matching the size of the planet Mercury. This substantial size grants it sufficient gravitational force to anchor objects to its surface; however, with only 1/8 of Earth's gravity, adapting to the low-gravity environment poses a significant challenge (a current hurdle in human space colonization efforts).

Callisto has other key attributes that will make future astronauts want to say "Home, sweet home". These include its proximity to Jupiter which holds vast reserves of hydrogen and helium, both fuels for fusion reactors, and not being subjected to the wrath of Jupiter's lethal radiation (only 0.01 rem/day) as opposed to the other giant moons of Jupiter that are Ganymede, Europa, and Io.


The moon also holds an abundance of water reserves—it's an ocean world!—lacks any geological activity such as moonquakes, and is an ideal transport hub due to its relatively low gravity well, making mining trips to the small, but mineral-rich Jovian moons cost-effective. Finally, it is a great outpost for teleoperating scientific missions to the potential life-bearing moon Europa.

All this information is fascinating, but how does it relate to me and my website? Well, even though humanity hasn't set foot on Callisto yet, I have. My current location is on this immense moon encircling Jupiter, where I've established a snug habitat nestled somewhere close to Valhalla crater in the northern hemisphere. It's within this setting that I craft my books, articles, and stories.

I hope you'll like reading them as much as I enjoy writing them! 

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