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Talks & Workshops

Note that I currently do not accept any new invitations for a talk or an event at the present moment as I'm busy writing my new book.   

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Past Events 

Feedback from Past Events

"A tour de force presentation on what JWST might tell us about exoplanets in the coming year. His visit to the Herschel Museum of Astronomy is one to remember and we'll be having him back very soon."
"I asked a group of Year 11 students and the feedback was extremely positive. Great slides and info, exactly the right length, very interesting". 

"The students found it engaging and thought-provoking, and it was exactly in line with their GCSE studies. Thanks very much!"

"I thought it was fascinating, and the students were highly engaged; definitely appropriate for our most able Year 8 students".

Objectives of my Talks and Workshops:

▶︎ Introduces key concepts in Space & Earth science.

▶︎ Encourages students to process and evaluate their ideas, reinforcing critical thinking.
▶︎ Provides businesses with novel approaches to their challenges.
▶︎ Promotes scientific reasoning and the importance of inquiring.

▶︎ Reflects on the impact of science in our world.

▶︎ Provides a better understanding of our origins and what lies ahead.

Below are some of the organisations I've done talks for

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