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Recent & Upcoming Events 

Feedback from Past Events

"I asked a group of Year 11 students and the feedback was extremely positive. Great slides and info, exactly the right length, very interesting". 

"They found it engaging and thought-provoking, and it was exactly in line with their GCSE studies. Thanks very much!"

"I thought it was fascinating, and the students were highly engaged; definitely appropriate for our most able Year 8 students".

Objectives of my Talks and Workshops:

▶︎ Introduces key concepts in Space & Earth science.

▶︎ Encourages students to process and evaluate their ideas, reinforcing critical thinking.
▶︎ Provides businesses with novel approaches to their challenges.
▶︎ Promotes scientific reasoning and the importance of inquiring.

▶︎ Reflects on the impact of science in our world.

▶︎ Provides a better understanding of our origins and what lies ahead.

I've done talks for the following organisations